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Jax is 11 month. He will turn one in a month. This little boy has been a delight from the very first moment he came into our lives.  Early last year, I couldn’t imagine having a baby at home and now I can’t imagine our lives without him.

I have watched he develops into a curious little man. He is now able to crawl and explore the entire house on his own. If we don’t pay attention at him for just one minute, you will find him grabbing the sandals or bin, licking the mirror or pulling the cables. He can be a bit of a handful at times.

Jax in Vee Bee Playpen

He gets excited when we read books for him. Whenever we start to read, he will give us a very big smile. He loses interest towards the end, closes the book and puts it into his mouth.

He loves listening to cartoon characters singing music and watching the animated children’s storybooks.

Jax Pooping Face

He is so chubby that you could just eat his thigh for lunch.  He has round buddha belly that you could blow raspberries whenever you are bored.

He has cheeks that you could squeeze all day.

Sleeping Baby Jax

He has eyes that you could stare at for hours.  He has an infectious smile and contagious laugh that warms your heart.  He has a personality that goes for miles. He is the happiest little being I have ever met.

Lifesaver Baby Shirt

He simply amazes me with all the little things that he has accomplished in the past 11 months. I see more and more of the little boy he will be coming out in him, but no matter how much he grows, he will always be my baby.

Baby Jax in Leather Jacket

Dear Jax,
I hope we will remain close and that you will always love your mommy. I know there will be times when we do not get along but I will always love you. Love you for who you are, love you for all that you have accomplished, and love you for completing our family.

Jax and Mommy

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