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Nothing can break a mama’s heart like a sick baby.

Nothing can make a mama feel more helpless than holding a quivering, crying, hot baby and not being able to  make it all better.

Jax was unwell It was the longest, most tiring and miserable days for us. Little Jax has just recovered from roseola. I had no idea what it was, nor had I even heard of it but it was diagnosed at the clinic when the rash appeared and I took him there. It started off with a caugh, a runny nose and a very high fever. The fever was between 101 and 103 and spiked to 104 degrees F.

He lost all interest in eating. He preferred to have me holding him at all times and would whimper and cry when he is usually a very independent, happy little guy. He also was fatigued and slept much more than usual.

Jax is Happy

So, we nestled into our favorite snuggle spot on the couch and pulled mommy’s quilt up to our chins. We watched his favorite cartoons, and I gave out all of the kisses he would take. I whispered prayers of healing into his ears. I this-little-piggied all of his toes. I ran my fingers through his curls.

His temperature finally went down after 5 long days, what a relief! I was telling myself, it’s time to relieve my stress! So, I went to the kitchen and when I was just about to treat myself with a bowl of ice cream, I heard Jax’s dad call out my name as he saw a rash appeared around Jax’s back and belly. It breaks my heart to see Jax  like this.

Jax at Darling Harbour It took about 3 days for the rash to clear and 10 days for the caugh to heal. My happy little man is finally back. The tears and sadness were forgotten. Lots of cuddles, his favorite songs and prayers have been prescribed.

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