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Dear little Jax,

You just turned 13 months. You love to walk around the house. You love the crowd. You love to give kisses. You love to sleep in mommy’s arms. You love to nurse. You love music. You love to see when people talk on the phone. You love big kids. You love to pinch our face. You love the sound of the vacuum cleaner. You love to be nakey. And you love us.

Jax in Baby Leather Jacket Jax my little king, feeding you has been very challenging these days. It seems like my patience is being tested. You are not a picky eater but I have to keep you entertained while feeding. I have to play music for you. If you don’t like the song, you will scream and refuse to eat. Just music alone is not enough, you need to have something to hold in your hands, so I have to prepare different kind of things for you because you get bored so easily and you will start throwing one by one away.

Jax and Mommy And yesterday during dinner, I knew that you were already tired and sleepy but I didn’t want you to go to bed on an empty stomach. So as usual, I play your music and gave you something to hold but nothing seems to interest you. You threw everything away. I ran out of things for you to hold so I went to pick them up. When I finished picking up your mess, I found that you have already fallen asleep on your highchair. Look at you, my cute little sleepy head..
Jax Fell Asleep in Baby High Chair And your newest thing? You started giving BIG hugs; you wrap your arms around my neck and squeeze and it is the best feeling in the world.

Jax in the Park The other night, you woke up a few times and cried as if you were in pain. I put my arms around you, I prayed and sang for you quietly. You looked at me with your tired-looking eyes, you gave me a smile and you went back to sleep. You still managed to smile even though you were very tired. Thank you for being so sweet, bubba!

Jax in the park smiling I wish I could freeze these little things you do and keep them in my pocket forever. But lucky for you and for everyone else around you,  I’ve always got my camera handy and ready to freeze time that way. Keep your vivacious spirit alive and your curiosity ever growing. Stay little as long as you can and love your mommy as much as you do now, Forever.  You have made my life worthwhile! God bless you, my little man!

Jax with Baby Walker

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