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Dear Jax,

We celebrated your first birthday at church. Lots of people came, lots of foods and drinks, lots of presents , lots of loves and prayers. How are you already having a birthday my little munchkin?

How did you go from this:

baby jax

To this:

Jax 1st Birthday

The past one year has been the most joyful, exhausting, funniest and fullest year of my life. No matter how many birthdays come and go, you will always be my little angel. Thank you for a year of smiles, joy and endless cuddles!

We are so proud of the little boy that God has made you to be, you bring us such joy!  He has created you to do great things, my sweet little man.  We are praying everyday that you would come to know Him at a young age. We are praying that you will know Jesus intimately and seek to read His word.  We are praying and believing that you will be a light for the nations.  We thank God that He has entrusted us to be your parents and to love you & teach you about Him and train you in the way you should go.  We love the personality that you already have.

baby jax

You took your first steps just one week before you turned one, we are so proud of you. You know how to clap during the praise & worship at church and also when you listen to the songs you like. You know how to wave hello and bye-bye. You hardly say mama or papa but you like to say “nenen and enggak” which mean milk and no in Indonesian. You know how to open the kitchen drawers and the microwave. It is getting very hard to keep up with you. You know how to take off your socks and pants. You love ipad, cables, tv remotes, mobile phones more than your other toys. You have the sweetest smile and laugh and the prettiest eyes. We tell you about a thousand times a day how much we love you and how you are the most precious little boy in the whole wide world.

What a beautiful adventure we are on together, my precious son.  My wholehearted prayer for you is that you will be rooted and established in love, my deep and unconditional love for you and your heavenly Father’s inexhaustible love for you and surrounded by loving family and friends who encourage and support you.  I pray that you dream big and become all that God has created your little heart to desire.

Jax and Balloon

I pray that you stay close by God’s side even when it is the road less traveled, and that you live with conviction and stand for truth at every opportunity.  I pray that you are healthy and safe and that you feel God’s protective arms around you when you go into the world.  I pray that you never doubt your Mommy and Daddy’s deep desire to be the very best parents for you, and even during those moments when we fail, may you trust God to fill in those gaps with His unfailing love.

May your life be built on the wisdom of God and a discerning heart. May God fill you with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding and may the eyes of your heart be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which He has called you, and the riches of His glorious inheritance.

Above all, may our daily prayers for you, because of God’s mighty power, help to clearly light your path and lead you to become an instrument of His grace, righteousness and love.

Happy birthday, my sweet little man!


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