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I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted. We had a great past month celebrating Jax’s first Chinese New Year. Jax_chinese_new_year

Jax has made some huge developments recently. Nine months ago he was so tiny, relatively immobile and you were almost afraid to touch him. Now he is nine months old and he is at that phase when he holds on to anything that can support his weight and pulls himself into standing position and starts bouncing up and down. His bath time becomes extra challenging because he always wants to stand in the tub while getting a bath.

Jax Stands up

As I’m writing this, he is playing next to me and he gives me his beautiful smile as I turn to look at him. I can see his cute little teeth that he has just got recently. He got the bottom front tooth two weeks ago and the second one on the top front has just poked it’s way through his gum yesterday. Effendy was super excited when he saw his first tooth start cutting through, I thought he has found a diamond in our son’s mouth. I’m in no hurry at all because I’m still breastfeeding hehehe. 😆

Jax's First Tooth

Jax loves to see himself in the mirror. When he is upset, the tears will immediately turn into laughter when he sees his own reflection in the mirror. jax & mirror

Jax has a new furry friend called Yuki. Yuki is a very timid, beautiful and gentle dog owned by our friends Lex & Amelia. Yuki can make Jax laugh like there is no tomorrow just by wagging her tail. You can read Yuki’s story here, i’m sure you will fall in love with her.

Jax & Yuki

Everytime when I look at this little man, I thank God for the wonderful gift He has entrusted me to bring up for His glory. I can’t believe He has counted me worthy of such a gift. I am incredibly thankful for him. He is my angel, my love, my world.

What are your thoughts when you think of your children?

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