Happy 17 Months My Son

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Dear my little dude,

I feel terrible that I haven’t been updating your blog for a few months. I’ve really missed blogging. Life has been so busy and time has slipped away from me.

Jax at Myer Happy 17 months my son! I can’t believe five months have passed since your first birthday. You’ve grown from a teeny tiny squish into such an amazing little toddler right before my eyes. Everyday I am so amazed at what you are learning, saying, and understanding. You are getting a little more independent – you want to eat by yourself, you drink from a sippy cup on your own (I always leave a sippy cup with water where you can reach it so you will help yourself when you get thirsty), you play by yourself while I do housework in the morning, you can fall asleep by yourself and sometimes, you fall asleep while you’re eating or playing. It brings so much joy into my life seeing how much you have grown and how happy you are.

Jax and Mommy Eating

I was watching you asleep while thinking what I should write next. I brushed the hair off your forehead, ran my hand over your soft and round tummy and squeezed your little toes. I silently giggled as I noticed how the extreme chubbiness of your cheeks causes them to almost hang on your face, just like mine did when I was your age (and still a little today). I even took the time to softly wipe the drool off your face and scrape some dried boogies off your nose, as only a Momma can.

Jax Fell Asleep


These 17 months have gone by too fast my little munchkin. You have tested me and taught me more about myself and my purpose in this life than I ever thought possible. You can now walk, run and climb and you are talking all the time now. It’s not always the English language, or any language for that matter, but you are talking and that gives me a big relief. Your favorite words are hello, daddy, no, wow, aww, blue, mum mum (eat), nan nan (milk), udah (done), aduh (ouch).


Jax Holds a Ball


You would grab anything and put it on your ear and start to babble on and on as if you’re talking on the phone.You like to put the chicken leg bone on your ear every time when you eat chicken and start chattering like you’re on the phone. I agree with you that the shape of the tv remote control and the baby monitor do look like the shape of a phone but the chicken leg bone?!?!


Jax in Blue Stripes Shirt


You used to love pretty much everything I cook for you, but lately you dislike almost everything I feed you. I know teething has been crazy for you. Your gum is red and swollen as your first molars are cutting through. Hang in there my little champ!


Jax round mouth


Recently, you like to imitate the things other people do. We were watching the X-Factor show one day and one of the lady judges was covering her mouth with her hand when she laughed and you have been doing that ever since. You would cover your mouth with your hands when you laugh and you would grab my hand and ask me to cover my mouth when I laugh.

You love making funny faces.

You snore every time when we say ‘Peppa Pig’ just like the Peppa Pig cartoon soundtrack.

You love your soft toys, you would kiss and hug them every time you see them.

You can high five and give kisses when asked. Yesterday when I was relaxing, all of a sudden you ran towards me with one of your arms up in the air and I said to you with my stern momma voice ‘no slapping, no slapping’ but as you came near me, you grabbed my hand gently and gave me a high five.

Last weekend we went to Maroubra beach. You love the sand and water so much. I want to have as many beach days as we can before summer arrives. You also just started your swimming lesson 2 months ago and you LOVE it!


Jax and Daddy at Maroubra Beach Jax at bondi Well my sweet, sweet little Jax, having you in our family makes me such a happy Mommy. You are the most amazing little boy. You’re friendly, sweet, and so happy most of the time. You make loving you so easy, and I am the luckiest Momma to have you in our family. Love you to the moon and back!

Jax and Axell Jax and Jacob Reuben, Jedi, and Jax



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