Experience with Our Chriopractor

I used to work as a Chiropractor assistant for two years, I had appreciation and a basic understanding of how misalignment would effect general well being so taking Jax to see the Chiropractor was important to me. Jax and Chiropractor Nimrod

A few weeks after Jax was born, we noticed that he couldn’t turn his head to one side, one of his hand wouldn’t be able to grab items, he would make loud squeaky noises when feeding and he was hard to get to sleep.

We decided to bring Jax for a check-up when he was 10 weeks old. The Chiropractor, Nimrod Weiner lay Jax on the table and instantly felt tension at the base of his skull.

After each appointment Jax improved remarkably- he slept much more soundly, he could turn his head to both sides, he could grab items, he stopped making wheezy sound during feeding, and he didn’t find it so difficult to bring up wind. He very quickly developed into a happy friendly little boy and as I watch him grow.

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